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Alter Ego / Decoding The Hacker Myth

Alter Ego / Decoding The Hacker Myth

Release Date : 13/11/2006
Label : Klang Elektronik
Cat No. : CD014
Format : Re-Release
Country : Germany
Style : Techno

Ten years after the original release of Roman Flugel and Jorn Elling Wuttke's powerful album "Decoding The Hacker Myth" comes a re-release of the elevn track work of art. This releases seems to coincide perfectly with the current EP "Decoding The Hacker Myth Remixed Pt. 1" which features remixes by Two Lone Swordsmen and Matthew Herbert (aka Wishmountain). (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Cyax pt. 1
02. Cryonics
03. Brom
04. Mescal
05. Slacker
06. Alterism
07. Microshopping
08. Lycra
09. Telekinetik
10. Cyax pt. 2
11. Lavender

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