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Peaches / Impeach My Bush

Peaches / Impeach My Bush

Release Date : 21/06/2006 (Japan) / 10/07/2006 (UK)
Label : XL Recordings
Cat No. : XLCD199J
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan / UK
Style : Electro

The potty-mouthed electro princess delivers her third album complete with obligatory whimsical title. This one features countless collaborations with the likes of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Samantha Maloney (Hole/Motley Crue). (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Fuck Or Kill
02. Tent In Your Pants
03. Hit It Hard
04. Boys Wanna Be Her
05. Downtown
06. Two Guys(For Every Girl)
07. Rock The Shocker
08. You Love It
09. Slippery Dick
10. Give'er
11. Get It
12. Do Ya
13. Stick It To The Pimp
14. Make Me [Japan Only]
15. Hanky Code [Japan Only]
16. Fan Etiquette [Japan Only]
17. Damage [Japan Only]
18. Natural Aphrodisiac [Japan Only]

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