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Banco de Gaia / Farewell Ferengistan

Banco de Gaia / Farewell Ferengistan

Release Date : 12/06/2006
Label : Disco Gecko
Cat No. : GKOCD009
Format : Original CD
Country : UK
Style : Ambient

In 1995 Banco de Gaia released an "Last Train to Lhasa" in attempt to highlight the plight in Tibet, and this time commercialism is the target for this politically minded artist. (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Farewell Ferengistan
02. Ynys Elen
03. Chingiz
04. Kara Kum
05. The Harmonious G8
06. Saturn Return
07. Flow My Dreams, The Android Wept
08. White Man's Burden
09. We All Know The Truth (You Have God)

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