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Masanori Morita / MUSeUM -Euterpe-

Masanori Morita / MUSeUM -Euterpe-

Release Date : 19/07/2006
Label : New World Records
Cat No. : NWR-2014
Format : Mix CD + Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : House

Studio Apartment's Masanori Morita is back with yet another mix CD to tie in with his MUSeUM DJ residency which has included recent guest appearances by US house DJs DJ Oji & Quentin Harris and will soon feature a live performance by Reel People. Also included with the mix is a bonus CD with two brand new Studio Apartment tracks. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

Disc One
01. Wil Milton introducing Rodney Carter / Run To Me (Gravity Main Vox)
02. Vincent Montana Jr / The African Track (Louis Benedetti Mix)
03. Fudge / Mechouga
04. Copyright feat. Imaani / Bring Me Love (Kissin' Dub)
05. Kloud 9 / So Many Reasons (Rp's Club Mix)
06. Dennis Ferrer / Destination
07. Byron Moore / Life Stars Today (Tea Party Vocal)
08. Jovonn feat. Dawn Nicole / Music Made Love 2 Me
09. Mena Keys / Come Into My Mind
10. Liquid People / Son Of Dragon
11. Monique Bingham & Quentin Harris / Poor People (Poor Vocal)
12. Quentin Harris / Let's Be Young

Disc Two
01. Studio Apartment / Siarre (Original)
02. Studio Apartment / Siarre (Instrumental)

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