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Magda / She's a Dancing Machine

Magda / She's a Dancing Machine

Release Date : 17/07/2006
Label : Minus
Cat No. :
Format : Mix CD
Country : Europe
Style : Minimal, Techno

Magda, who you may know from her work with Run Stop Restore, is obviously following in the footsteps of Minus boss Richie Hawtin with her latest mix CD. Much like Hawtin's "DE9:Transitions" this CD comprises of a whopping 71 tracks which have been spliced, diced and edited into 16 parts. However, unlike her mentor Magda has decided not to include the entire Ricardo Villalobos back catalogue. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

Duoteque / Lola
Magda / Black Leather Wonder
Ricardo Villalobos / Adgam
JPLS / Twilite 4
Ivo Deutschmann / Spectrometer
Vivianne Projects / Strangers With Canada
Bruno Pronsato / Wuorinen
Lordy / The Watchtower (Steve Kotey Kosmik Dub)
Tractile / The Lost Beach
Marc Houle / Chuck Gaydicaca
Louderbach / Grace (Anxiety)
Robert Babicz / Battlestar
Niederflur / Drehbrucke
Matt John / i.o.
Marc Houle / Suces Mes Graines
Tractile / Time Vandal
Metro Area / Honey Circuit
Troy Pierce / Dark Pearl
Ryan Crosson / Artists Have Bad Haircuts
Magda / Oblivicleas
The Persuader / Central Bron
Marc Houle / Analog Road
Run Stop Restore / Speeder 64
JPLS / Z Program (Mark Henning Remix)
Louderbach / Reflected
Marc Houle / Boat
Marc Houle / Black Jack 13
Konrad Black / Coma Couch Surfing
JPLS / Red 20
Plastikman / Slow Poke (Twilight Zone Edit)
Magda / Doctor Secret Tooth
Larry Heard / Amnesia
Troy Pierce / 25 Bitches (Berg Nixonfs Zig Zag Mix)
Donnacha Costello / Rusty Sticks
Glimpse / Bodyslip Julia
Marc Houle / Stacks And Stacks
Marc Houle / Edamame
Slacknoise / Discover The Active Crash Hiss
Niederflur / Kalk-Kapelle
Marc Houle / Drumathon
Tractile / Poisoned With Words
Pantytec / Maybe
Niederflur / Porz-Wahn
Bruno Pronsato / Open Your Eyes
Gaiser / Breathe Here
Vivianne Projects / Chicken Bone Charm Bracelet
Der Dritte Raum / Krank
Bruno Pronsato / My Little Pony
Marc Houle / Thirds In Trees
Dinky / Home On A Sunday
Marc Houle / Raking It
Portion Control / Elektrotechnik
i.a. Bericochea / R2
Ryan Crosson / Gotham Road
Onur Ozer / Lotus
From Within / Lost
Phage and Daniel Dreier / Beeswax
Plastikman / Ekko
Tractile / Warning Light
Plastikman / 72
Tractile / Ardorant
Slacknoise / She's A Dancing Machine
Tractile / Paper Tiger
Magda / Staring Contest (Unreleased Version)
Damian Schwartz / RyF2
Marc Houle / Avon
From Within / Snake Charmer
Heartthrob / Lunar Park
Bruno Pronsato / The River
DJ Koze / Dangernugget
Disco D / Beat It

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