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Studio Apartment / PEOPLE TO PEOPLE

Studio Apartment / PEOPLE TO PEOPLE

Release Date : 6/7/2005
Label : New World Records
Cat.No. : NWR2008
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : House

With the smash hit of the track "Flight", which featured Monique Bingham and appears on numerous of House compilation CDs these days , the Studio Apartment has become one of the most famous the Japanese duo, among the global House Scene, And is planning to release their 3rd album, "People to People".

The Studio Apartment , the duo of DJ/Sound Producer, Masanori Morita and Multi Instrumental Player, Noboru Abe have been hired the world famous female singer ,Stephanie Cooke who just gave a greatest show at Body and Soul Tokyo in April for the track "One true love" and they also covered Stevie Wonder's famous track "Isn't she lovely" featuring Kenny Bobien , and also featured a Japanese Jazz singer Akiko for the track "Evolution?". No doubt it's going to be highly received from the world's music fan. (Kei Tajima)


01. -Message-
02. One True Love
03. Journey
04. We Are Lonely
05. Landscape
06. Love Is The Answer
07. Evolution?
08. -Spirits-
09. Questo Mondo Immenso
10. Isn't She Lovely
11. -Episode-
12. Dazzling

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