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Long Range / TBA

Long Range / Madness And Me

Release Date : 19/01/2007
Label : Beat Records
Cat No. : BRC-164
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Breakbeat, Ambient

Orbital man Phil Hartnoll has teamed up with Ridley Scott collaborator Nick Smith. The duo call themselves Long Range and their debut album is reminiscent of Orbital's classic sound without being exactly the same. Expect plenty of broken beats and a good dose of ambience from the artists who earlier in the year performed live accompanied by readings from Trainspotting and Fight Club authors Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Lie Down
02. Madness And Me
03. Which Way Now
04. Run With The Rain
05. Dispell The Clouds
06. Three
07. Your Face
08. Just One More
09. So Long [Japan Only Bonus Track]

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