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Funkstorung / Appendix

Funkstorung / Appendix

Release Date : 27/01/2007
Label : !K7 / Hostess
Cat No. : K7210CDJ
Format : Best CD
Country : Germany
Style : Abstract, Glitch, Trip Hop

The recently separated duo of Chris de Luca and Michael Fakesch arrange some of their finest remix efforts onto one disc. Icelandic temptress Bjork, popular remix targets Lamb and Danish pop-rockers Raveonettes all received Funkstorung's attention as well as former Deee-Lite member Towa Tei. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Spacek / 1st Stroke (Funkstorung Remix)
02. Phon.o / Trick Or Treat (Funkstorung Remix)
03. Barry Adamson / Whispering Streets (Funkstorung Remix)
04. Bjork / All Is Full Of Love (2nd Funkstorung Remix)
05. Lamb / Heaven (Funkstorung Remix)
06. Lusine ICL / Sustain (Funkstorung Remix)
07. Towa Tei / Latte & Macaron (Funkstorung Remix)
08. Raveonettes / Love In A Trashcan (Funkstorung Remix)
09. Nils Petter Molvaer / Axis Of Ignorance (Funkstorung Remix)
10. Beanfield / Close To You (Funkstorung Remix)
11. Enik / No Fire (Funkstorung Remix)
12. Richard Devine - Sigstop (Funkstorung Remix) [Bonus Track]

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