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Boy In Static / Violet

Boy In Static / Violet

Release Date : 01/01/2007
Label : Mush Records / & Records
Cat No. : YOUTH-010
Format : Original CD
Country : US / Japan
Style : Abstract, Experimental, Pop

24-year-old Andrew Chen is Boy In Static and this is his second album "Violet". Electronics, guitars, real drums and home made instruments all meet for Chen's abstract form of pop which drones, buzzes and whirs between genres. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. First Love
02. Where It Ends
03. Violet
04. Tear Down
05. Immortal
06. Shivered In The Sunlight
07. Without Grace
08. December
09. Catching Death
10. Leave You Blind
11. Japan Only Bonus Track
12. Japan Only Bonus Track
13. Japan Only Bonus Track

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