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Tomboy / Serios

Tomboy / Serios

Release Date : 17/02/2007
Label : Gomma / Octave-Lab
Cat No. : OTLCD1090
Format : Original CD
Country : Germany
Style : Electro, Funk, Downtempo

Tomas Barfod the 'Tomboy' whose father was a music teacher and jazz reviewer grew up with a lot of musical influences. Many of which show in his songs (and productions). From funk, new wave, electro and beyond. He started his musical career as a drummer then moved onto Dj'ing and producing. After working with many established artists and labels like Kitsune, Fabric and Laurent Garnier, this will be Tomboy's first album. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Swan
02. Murky Jerky
03. Hi's and Low's
04. Baffioso
05. Flameingo
06. 1st So Hot
07. Synchronize
08. Finale 1/0
09. Maggie & Samira
10. The Movies
11. Ablegrod
12. Something
13. Zamiang
14. 1 K. Guitar

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