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Manmade Science / One

Manmade Science / One

Release Date : 24/02/2007
Label : Philpot / Octave-Lab
Cat No. : OTLCD1089
Format : Original CD
Country : Germany
Style : Funk, Jazz, Electro

After several 12"'s and some appearances on Perlon mixes, Manmade Science is releasing their first album. "One" is strongly influenced by funk, jazz and disco. With soulful vocals and John Thrower on sax, this combination produces some very chill, lounge music. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Chicago Sidewalks feat. John Thrower
02. Shadowchaser (SoulPhiction Edit)
03. Turn down the Lights feat. Isaiah Femi Awonaike
04. Can U Feel it?!
05. Herb
06. Media Compendium
07. You're my Heart
08. The Missing Note
09. Just tell me when... feat. Haldor Laegreid
10. Difunkt
11. End of Summer
12. Get Closer
13. Smoke
14. Without a Doubt
15. Brown Sugar feat. John Thrower