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Freestylers / Adventures In Freestyle

Freestylers / Adventures In Freestyle

Release Date : 21/02/2007
Label : Against the Grain / KSR
Cat No. : KCCD-261
Format : Original CD
Country : UK / Japan
Style : Breaks, Tech Step, Electro, Hip Hop

The fourth album from the Freestylers is a unique mix of breaks, drum n' bass, funk, disco and even some heavy rock. The 1st single 'Painkiller' has already received lots of air play and has become a stompin' club anthemn.
(Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. In the Beginning
02. Security
03. Could I be Dreaming
04. Fast Life (Album edit)
05. In Love With You (Album edit)
06. Jump n Twist (Album edit)
07. Pocket Full of Sadness
08. Electrified
09. Hard to Stay
10. Painkiller (Album Edit)
11. Turn to Dust
12. Old Skool Fool
13. So Fine
14. Beat it Down
15. Infernos
16. In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) [Japan Bonus Track]

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