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Dj Kentaro / Enter

Dj Kentaro / Enter

Release Date : 28/02/2007
Label : Endeavour / Ninja Tune / Beat Records
Cat No. : BRC-168
Format : Mix CD
Country : UK / Japan
Style : Breaks, Hip-hop

"Enter"ing with his first original full album Dj Kentaro is back behind the wheels of steel. After numerouos mix tapes and a Ninja tune complilation entitled "Solid steel presents:" Dj Kentaro was ready to go solo, although he did bring many friends along for the trip. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Enter The Newground
02. Keep On feat. The Phaecyde
03. Free feat. Spank Rock
04. Tasogare Highway High
05. Rainyday feat. New Fresh
06. Uminnaka
07. Handmade Gift feat. Little Tempo
08. Space Jungle feat. Spank Rock
09. Nursery Room
10. Harvest Dance feat. Hifana
11. Trust
12. One Hand Blizzard
13. Brightin' Star
14. Let It Go feat. Fat Jon
15. Hatuyume feat. Hunger
16. Grateful To You

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