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Claude Vonstroke / Beware Of The Bird

Claude VonStroke / Beware Of The Bird

Release Date : 23/02/2007
Label : aright's Records
Cat No. : ARCC-016
Format : Original CD
Country : USA / Japan
Style : Tech House

Claude VonStroke a.k.a Barclay Crenshaw grew up in Detroit heavily influenced by the Motor City Techno scene. After moving to San Francisco, he was moved by the west coast vibe which lead to his present, east meets west fusion style. The debut album from the Dirtybird frontman contains the hit homage to his roots 'Who's Afraid Of Detroit?' as well as a remix of 'Deep Throat' by John Tejada. Also included is a promo video for 'Deep Throat'.
(Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Warming Up The Bass Machines
02. Deep Throat
03. Chimps
04. Beware Of The Bird
05. The Whistler
06. Who's Afraid Of Detroit?
07. Eastern Market
08. Cicada 17 Year Mix (Remix of Justin Martin)
09. The 7 Deadly Strokes
10. Birdshit (Remix of Frankie "Bullshit")
11. Southern Fried Mix (Remix of Justin M & Sammy D "The SOuthern Draw")
12. Lullaby (Live rec. from Poorboy, Detroit 1999, New Vocal By Qzen)
13. Deep Throat (John Tejada Remix)

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