HigherFrequency RELEASE


Alton Miller / Souls Like Mine

Release Date : 10/02/2007
Label : Octave Lab
Cat No. : OTLCD-1054
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Downtempo, Soul

This Detroit based House Dj has once again tapped into his roots of funk, soul and percussions to bring you his latest album. After almost four year since his last album, Alton Miller is making up for it by also releasing a best of compilation with all his past hits. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Between The Middle
02. Possibilities Feat. Lady Linn
03. Souls Like Mine
04. Don't Close Your Eyes Feat. Angelique
05. Choose To Believe Feat. Sky
06. Knowledge Of the Pigmies
07. Long Time Comin' Feat. Nonie
08. Find A Way
09. Time Is On Our Side
10. Malaku
11. Beautiful Brown People
12. Possibilities (Little Big Bee Remix) [Bonus Track]
13. Time Is On Our Side (DJ Nori Remix) [Bonus Track]

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