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Tex La Homa / Some Lost Blues

Tex La Homa / Some Lost Blues

Release Date : 08/12/2006
Label : & Records / Youth Inc.
Cat No. : YOUTH-008
Format : Original CD
Country : UK / Japan
Style : Leftfield, Downtempo, Post-Rock

Whispered vocals, lo-fi guitars and some electronics thrown in for good measure on Tex La Homa's third artist album "Some Lost Blues". When not recording as Tex La Homa, Matt Shaw is co-running Superglider Records and recording various lo-fi adventures using his real name. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. No Where To Run
02. Can't Wait
03. The Other Window
04. Be There
05. Invisible Suburbs
06. Obsessed With Angels
07. Vapour Trails
08. Every morning Dawn
09. The Circle
10. And So You
11. Santander
12. Daisy Chain
13. New Moon [Japan Only Bonus Track]
14. Nine Stones [Japan Only Bonus Track]

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