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DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise / Wo Die Rammelwolle Fliegt

DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise / Wo Die Rammelwolle Fliegt

Release Date : 05/08/2006
Label : Mule Electronic
Cat No. : MED07
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Electronica, Experimental

DJ Koze's alter ego Adolf Noise released an album just around a year ago now. This it, again, but packaged by Japan's Mule Electronic to no doubt take advantage of DJ Koze's rise to fame. The disc includes a remix of 'Der Grundton' by Kompakt boss Michael Mayer. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Zuviel Zeit?
02. Baume Strahlen Stress Aus
03. M.I.S.S. UFO '72
04. Der Grundton
05. Anspieltipp: Titel
06. Gymnasium feat. Wolf GTI
07. Steffex Twin
08. Jackpot Remix (Previously Unreleased)
09. Hello Weit...!
10. Last Night of the Year!
11. Scene De La Vie De Ralf Denktasch
12. Amerikas Funniest Sound Effects
13. Gekloppel B Zwei
14. Was Ist Zuviel Zeit? (Dub)
15. Cadaques En La Noche
16. Der Grundton (Michael Mayer Remix)

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