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Paul Oakenfold

international news _ 26th September, 2006

Criminal Clubbers Terrorise Tony & Oakey’s Square

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

So many hooded hooligans and exuberant clubbers have been plaguing Paul Oakenfold and his next-door neighbour Tony Blair’s Paddington square that residents have recruited private security guards, it emerged this week.

"It can get very busy at the weekend with a lot of cars and loud people,” Blair’s other next-door neighbour Kathy Hyer told the Daily Mail, “Music blares from cars and people dance on the street.”

The Daily Mail suggested many of the miscreants are ’noisy revellers coming back to the square in the early hours from clubs and bars in nearby Edgware Road’ and revealed that Connaught Square suffers from twice as many robberies and burglaries as the London average. Security staff are now patrolling until 4am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, paid for out of the residents’ pooled garden funds.

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