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Heiko Laux / Waves

international news _ 22nd September, 2006

Heiko Rides The Wave

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Kanzleramt label owner Heiko Laux is readying to release his fifth artist album. The project entitled “Waves” features nine tracks of Detroit inspired techno from this influential German producer. Despite his long history of co-producing music with artist like Anthony Rother for this new album Heiko has only included one collaborative effort in the form of ‘Shared Wave’ which was created alongside pioneer of the Detroit sound in the Netherlands, Steve Rachard.

Laux released his debut album, “Liquidism”, on Kanzleramt back in 1998 despite having already started the label four years earlier. “Offshore Funk” was his last album to drop in 2003 and since that time the former Omen club resident released a retrospective disc of his 10 years of productions which he called “Spread”.

“Waves” will be released by Kanzleramt on October 27.

01. Waves Ahead
02. Journeys
03. Sharpened
04. Writin’ Time Pt. 1
05. Fire At Will (Theme Mix)
06. The Bridge
07. Writin Time Pt. 2
08. Shared Wave (Album Mix) with Steve Rachard
09. Present Wave

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