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international news _ 19th September, 2006

Diesel’s DJ Etiquette- No Interrupting (Please)

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

X Press 2 star Diesel chatted to Skrufff this week about clubbers who pester DJs with requests and said he understands though disapproves of those who insist on commenting.

“Without sounding too fancy, when you’re DJing you really are communicating to an audience and when someone wants to talk to you, it’s just like someone butting in on a conversation,” he suggested,

“So it’s rude in a way and I almost feel like saying ‘do you mind, ‘m having a conversation with those people. And you think, what would it be like the other way round, if they were a plumber for example, and I went up to them and kept tapping him on the shoulder while he was doing his job, going ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me’. He’d be like ‘look, I’m at work’.”

Diesel stressed he’s entirely comfortable with criticism in any form, unlike house pioneer Frankie Knuckles, who told Skrufff last month he loathes people talking to him with critics more often than not ruining his entire night.

“Sometimes you get individuals who think I’m just not playing well enough and come up and say something- I don’t know these people and they don’t know me, but they think they do and they don’t seem to realize that when they come and interrupt me to say something like that, they completely break my concentration, destroying my evening,” he said.

‘I could never walk up to somebody else working and tell them they’re not performing to the best of their abilities; I could never do that to them and destroy their day,’ Frankie added.

“It’s a big problem when you are trying to concentrate on a mix and someone is tapping you wanting to talk about everything,” Todd Terry agreed.

I try to keep everybody out of the DJ booth at least until the end of my set, when I am comfortable with the surroundings, then it’s different. You can’t have anybody disturbing you while you are mixing. Then people get mad at you because you aren’t talking to them, which is also a problem, but that’s DJing.” Todd added.

X Press 2’s new album Makeshift Feelgood is out now on Skint Records.

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