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international news _ 15th September, 2006

Microsoft Allows File Sharing

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Details of Microsoft’s “iPod killer” have been revealed. The portable music device called Zune will contain a 30GB hard drive, sport a colour screen and will allow users to access music, photos and video. No surprises there. The real promise however comes from the device’s WiFi feature which allows listeners to transfer music directly between each other.

However, don’t get prematurely excited because the mix tape days haven’t quite returned yet. Each file can be transferred an unlimited amount of time but only once to any one person. On top of this, the transferred file will expire after just three listens but of course will leave the saddened listener with a chance to purchase it immediately the next time they hook their Zune up to the computer.

Full details of the download service are not yet known but it will include both pay per purchase and subscription payment methods. Microsoft’s Zune is manufactured by Japanese electronics company Toshiba and will be available in black, white, and brown.