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international news _ 15th September, 2006

Gemini's Jack Of All Trades

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

In a brilliant attempt to not offend either side of a long-running argument, music company Gemini have just released a new turntable that allows DJs to play both vinyl and CD. The CDT-05 is the latest product that supports both media but is the first of its kind that allows both devices to output sound simultaneously. Along with all the other bells and whistles such as DSP effects and anti-shock protection, the CDT-05 is also MP3 compatible. This means the vinyl junkie, CD jockey and digital DJ are catered for in this truly all in one offering.

Earlier in the year Gemini showed its continuing support for the inclusion of digital music in the DJing world when it released the first ever mixer specifically designed for Apple’s unstoppable iPod. Although not overly popular, using these portable music devices to DJ is nothing new. Minus boss Richie Hawtin first mixed with two iPods back in 2002 as part of a promotional push for Apple’s favourite earner.

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