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international news _ 13th September, 2006

Heads Roll On Mexican Dance Floor

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Masked gangsters dressed in black burst into a packed Mexican night club and started shooting last Wednesday night, before tossing five severed human heads onto the dance floor.

During the midnight raid, the gunmen left a note saying ‘the family doesn't kill for money. It doesn't kill women and it doesn't kill the innocent. Only those who deserve it die. Let it be known: This is divine justice’, which press reports said indicated the crime was related to Mexico’s ever escalating drug war.

The gruesome incident took place at the the Light and Shadow Club, in the city of Uruapan and followed earlier reports of drug gangs like the Zetas feeding victims to lions. UK spinner Steve Lawler was also terrrorized in a club in Guadalajara,18 months when he refused to play a request for the owners and ended up being frogmarched back to the decks after attempting to leave with his girlfriend and manager.

"This was a very scary incident that I never want to find myself in again," Steve said in a statement released after he escaped.

"I'm sorry for those of you that live there, but I will never again come to Guadalajara; I will never step foot into that city again,” he added

Flesh Records chief Mark Reeder, who frequently tours Mexico with Corvin Dalek told Skrufff they’ve never had any problems, though admitted Mexico City is ‘a very desperate city- and you can certainly feel that, especially in the evenings.’

“On my first trip, Corvin and I had been in the country for 15 minutes when we came to a huge 8 lane intersection and had to stop,” he continued.

“Corvin was filming the wide streets, surrounding buildings and the traffic cops, who were typically stereotype Mexican cops with mirrored sunglasses and tight trousers, who were directing the traffic when suddenly a huge, grubby, totally fucked up American car belching smoke jumped up beside and entered onto the intersection before us. The long-haired, moustachioed and obviously coked up character behind the wheel shouted a string of verbal abuse to the traffic cop who ignored him.

Corvin was filming all this, when another cop strolled over to see what all the fuss was about and this cop then spat at the guy. The guy leapt out of this car and lunged at the cop, thrusting a huge silver .45 in his face and forcing the cop to his knees, directly in front of our car. Our driver was at this point crouching under the steering wheel begging us to get down as shooting could start any moment. It was a utterly fascinating scene. Within seconds about 20 cops converged on the guy and whipped the weapon from his hands, a cop car appeared and he was shoved into the car and it sped off. The cops returned to their duties and the traffic flowed as before, as if nothing had happened,” said Mark.

“And as for our recent visit in May, we traveled around the country and didn’t experience any bad or scary things. In fact, quite the opposite. I suppose it all depends on who you play for. I would always go back if asked, I love Mexico,” said Mark.