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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 26th September, 2005

Andy Manumission : DJs Are Still Rock Stars in Ibiza, But...

Balearic club promoter Andy Manumission chatted to Skrufff this week about their acclaimed new venture Ibiza Rocks and confirmed that they'll be staging a rock orientated music festival on the island in June next year.

"We have a shortlist of three sites we're looking at, at the moment, the final decision is likely soon," said Andy, "We're promoting the festival along with some independent partners who we can not name yet."

The (London) Times quoted the always outspoken Mancunian as suggesting ''dance music, the lifeblood of Ibiza's club scene for 15 years, has reached a creative standstill', name me the superstar DJ who can sell as many tickets as these new rock bands' in a recent article, though Andy refuted both the statement and the paper's conclusion that Ibiza is in crisis.

"I believe that dance music did reach a creative standstill at its commercial height, but fortunately now that it has become more of an underground niche thing, dance music is once again at a creative high," he explained. "I also believe that the creative fusion that will emerge from Ibiza between live music, dance music and live dance music will be amazing."

"And DJs are still rock stars in Ibiza, but Ibiza has become out of sync with the scene in the UK amongst other places. I do not want Ibiza to lag behind the scenes in the leading European cities. Ibiza should and will lead," he declared.

"Ibiza Rocks has been the success story of the summer. We encountered a lot of negativity when we decided to push rock music into Ibiza, but I believe Ibiza is a better place for the variety. We could not be in a better position to push our live music agenda forwards for next year," he concluded. (Jonty Skrufff)

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