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Beastie Boys

international news _ 22nd September, 2005

Beastie Boys bootleg heaven

Recent months have seen the Beastie Boys make a move to appease all the budding bootleggers out there with the release of numerous accapellas for free download from the hip hop group's website. Accapellas available include Alive, An Open Letter to NYC and Brr Stick 'Em which are listed along with the BPM of each sample. This move by Capitol Records and the Beastie Boys while seemingly laughing in the face of the usual record company attitude towards digital downloads will no doubt bring in much sort after cash from any bootlegs that make it onto record store shelves and perhaps will see a shift in the availability of samples to the general public.

The remixes have already started to pour in on the Beastie Boys' messageboard and we are sure to see an increase in the usage of Beastie Boys' remixes in DJs sets in the near future. Those optimistic onlookers see this move by Capitol Records as a step forward in the digital age while the more cynical are seeing it as a more Pop Idolesque search for new talent,(Nick Lawrence)

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