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Juliet Jellyfish

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 21th September, 2005

Juliet's Jellyfish Terror In Ibiza

Avalon singer Juliet has become the latest highest profile victim of the jellyfish swarm plaguing Ibiza, when she went swimming following a gig at Pacha.

The gorgeous ex model turned Jacques Lu Cont muse and collaborator told Skrufff she'd been swimming with a friend off an isolated rocky strip near Ibiza Harbour when was attacked 30 metres from the shore.

"I thought I had been bitten by an eel it was so painful, I screamed, and I sure that something had taken a bite out of me," said Juliet. "Often we have to encounter the very things we're afraid of and earlier that day I remember wondering if these we're the sort of deep waters Jaws would be in. I have no ill will towards giant sharks, but I certainly didn't want to meet one."

"I swam back with a burst of adrenaline and I was a bit numb and it was all survival, though I was afraid to look at what had happened to me, though I know I'm a bit dramatic," she added.

The one time fundamentalist Christian turned out control party girl turned super-together upcoming international singer admitted she'd wondered about the divine implications behind the incident, revealing 'I am not sure what I did or didn't do in Ibiza to have been tagged so violently by the island."

"I did two shows at Pacha at 5am and I thought long and hard about the living it up lifestyle that Ibiza has to offer- I think it might have been payback for over-analyzing rather than going out partying," she concluded.

Her attack happened days after Azuli boss Dave Piccioni was stung swimming off Salenas though long term Ibiza resident Pacha chief Danny Whittle told Skrufff the jellyfish threat can be avoided.

"|'ve never been stung, though I suppose I'm a bit if a wimp because if I spot one then my swimming is pretty much finished for the day," said Danny, "Although having said that I'm lucky as I don't seem to see that many. Though one year Bobby D'Ambrosio from Def Mix went swimming with us to Atlantis and got four lovely red stripes across his chest, although we always wondered whether he was covering up for a S&M session from the night before."

The former Royal Navy sailor said he'd also avoided stings when he was serving on battleships in the 80s, though through luck rather than planning.

"In mid ocean the jelly fish are massive Portuguese man of war, a few of the lads got stung when we used to have 'hands to bathe' sessions," said Danny.

"This is when the ship just stops in the middle of the ocean and everyone jumps in, except the marine unit on the deck with guns looking out for sharks," he recalled.

Juliet performs live in London on October 15 at Ministry Of Sound at David Guetta's first ever Fuck Me, I'm Famous night in the UK.(Jonty Skrufff)