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Junior Vasquez

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 20th September, 2005

Junior Vasquez Takes Madonna's Name In Vain (Again)

New York's best-known superstar DJ Junior Vasquez announced details of his brand new DJ residency at The Roxy this week and revealed that his new night's name will be strikingly close to a Madonna album title.

"I'm calling it 'Bedtime Story'," Junior announced on the press release detailing the event, "It will be a whimsical romp, celebrating my personal favourite time of the day - the seconds before entering dreamland."

The world renowned house star famously fell out with Madonna in 1996, when he released a track titled 'If Madonna Calls' which contained a sound-a-like answer phone recorded message of the singer in which he initially ignored her before saying in the background, 'actually if she calls just disconnect her'. Speaking about the row in 1999, Junior spoke fondly of his former friendship with the notoriously prickly pop star which began when she started turning up at his club nights at the Sound Factory, in the early 90s.

"She was great. She would sit on the speaker and then they'd dance the Vogue and everyone would turn around and she'd wave goodbye. But if I played anything she didn't like, she'd hold her nose and go, 'Stinky!'" he told the Raft website.

"She came to my scene to pick up the dances and lift that whole Voguing thing and I do 'If Madonna Calls'. I think a lot of people are angry because she turned her back on me for that song," he continued, "Her big thing was that I was trying to make money off her name. On the contrary, she came to me for remixes, so who's making money off whose name?"

Bedroom Story launches on Saturday, September 24 at the Roxy, New York. (Jonty Skrufff)

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('The song lyrics goes as follows: (voice recording left by Madonna on Junior's answering machine at his home in New York): "Hello Junior, This is Madonna. Are you there? (short pause) Call me in Miami." This is follow by the voice of a male that says: "If Madonna Calls, I'm not here" . . .')