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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 15th September, 2005

DJ Bosh 'Bad, Bad, Boy' Oakey

DJ magazine placed Paul Oakenfold in the 'Bad' category of the 'Good, Bad & the Ugly' section this week, taking the superstar DJ to task over 'alleged' astronomical DJ charges for a DJ set in Scotland.

Not only did Oakey command an alleged fee of 25,000STG ($45,000) for a recent gig at the Arches (Glasgow) but he also milked the promoters for an alleged 5,000STG worth of expenses and a private jet to fly his pals up from London for the gig," said DJ.

"You would think Oakey would know better than to take the piss in such a vile manner."

DJ's criticism appeared as voting continued for their highly influential annual Top 100 DJ poll, in which Oakey slipped to 9th last year. The mainly US based DJ is unlikely to be too unconcerned, however, judging my comments he made to Skrufff contributor Seb Bayne in an interview in China two years ago.

"I like the way in the US where if you work hard and are good at what you do people respect that, get behind you and say: 'Well done'. In the UK we don't do that," said Oakey.

"As you are aware we have the knack of building people up and knocking them down. I think that it is good to help and support people and in the US they do more of that than in the UK. The UK is such a talented island and creative place. I get so much inspiration from London yet we just fucking moan all the time," he complained.

In happier news for the millionaire spinner, a number of media reports suggest his London neighbour from Hell Tony Blair is unlikely to ever move in to Cannaught Square, following security advice in the wake of London's bombings. According to the Standard, Britain's PM will remain a top al Qaida target for the rest of his life, and the Paddington garden square is too tricky to protect form determined assassins. (Jonty Skrufff)

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