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David Piccioni

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 9th September, 2005

Ibiza Jellyfish Invasion Stings Azuli Don

Dave Piccioni has been attacked by jellyfish while swimming in Ibiza, leaving him injured and requiring treatment back in the UK, DJ magazine reported this week.

The Azuli Records don was stung while swimming off the island's best known beach Salenas, just days before Spanish authorities issued a general alert about an 'army of jellyfish' invading the Costa coasts, leading to15,000 holidaymakers so far requiring treatment by the Spanish Red Cross.

According to the Times, almost all of Spain's coastline has been affected this season, though the Balearic Islands, not as badly as mainland beaches.

"The disappearance of their natural predators such as shellfish, fish and marine turtles, as well as pollution and overfishing in a sea as enclosed as the Mediterranean, which warms up easily, generates the ideal conditions for the proliferation of opportunist species such as jellyfish," Greenpeace expert Sebasti?n Losada told the Times.

Ibiza resident Smoking Jo chatted to Skrufff about the problem several years ago and confirmed jellyfish are a regular threat on the island, including at Salenas.

"There are always a lot of jellyfish it seems whenever there's a storm out at sea, they all wash ashore, quite a lot of my friends have been stung, and some have really bad scars actually," said Jo.

"I don't really go in the water very much, because I don't want to be stung. They come in waves."

Despite the jellyfish threat, Azuli announced this week that they're extending their series of nights at Ibiza town's El Divino by one week, with Dave and Robbie Rivera headlining an additional party on September 18. (Jonty Skrufff)

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( Worldwide jellyfish fatalities: 'Lethal, or potentially lethal, chirodropid jellyfish occur worldwide, around every major land mass in the tropical and some subtropical oceans, and deaths and serious morbidity are more common than previously believed . . .' )

( Symptoms and signs of Box Jellyfish stings: 'Severe localized pain, often associated with vigorous attempts by the patient to remove the tentacles. Confusion, agitation, unconsciousness, collapse with respiratory failure and/ or cardiac arrest. Death can occur within 5 minutes ...' )