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John Taylor

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 6th September, 2005

Skrufff vs Punx Soundcheck @ AKA (September 8)

Punx Soundcheck's John Taylor chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming head to head event at the End's AKA and stressed that he'll be playing strictly electro rather than the minimal techno style supposedly currently in vogue.

"A couple of years ago our style was very electroclash, whereas now we do many different styles of electro from electro house to electro techno. It doesn't really matter to us as long as it still has that electro feel to it," said John.

"I've heard people going on about this new minimal sound and to be honest I find it over hyped," he continued, "and on the many occasions I've checked out DJ's playing this style I found it very uninteresting with no edge."

The prolific producer/ DJ also admitted he's less than impressed with London clubland in general, declaring, "I think the London scene at the moment is in a little trouble."

"The reason is because is we have a lot of great nights starting up and just as fast as they appear they disappear which means people are getting confused on where to go and the promoters are not getting enough time to build up a crowd," he suggested.

"Of course we do have very successful electro night like Computer Blue, Trailor Trash and Family to name a few. But compared to what London had 3 years ago, there's not a lot of quality nights."

John spins at London's AKA on Thursday September 8 alongside Jonty Skrufff (both playing separate sets then going back to back later on). Additional DJs on the night are Tazman (from Australia) and Graeme Lloyd (of Disco Tourist and Starkfucker repute). Punx Soundcheck also release their Berlin Moon EP on Germany's Pale Music shortly, a double 12" featuring guest vocals from Marc Almond (with remixes provided by Mount Sims, Terranova, Miss Yetti, Replicant, Scandals and alek stark). (Jonty Skrufff)