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Mauro Picotto

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 6th September, 2005

Mauro Picotto's Millionaire Moments

The Observer painted an illuminating picture of the lifestyle of Mauro Picotto this week, revealing that the Italian techno DJ owns three apartments (in London, Turin and Ibiza) a flash sports car ('a convertible Mercedes SL500) and an even flasher million dollar speedboat.

The British newspaper continued by suggesting the Italian superstar spinner has a life 'so gilded that spending time with him is dangerous for the soul', which appeared to match Mauro's own assessment of both his life, and his Sunseeker speedboat, on the website promoting his latest season of Meganite parties in Ibiza,

"I love my boat," he boasts on his biography on Privilege.com, "There were rumours that I was just hiring it for the summer to show off, but that's bollocks. P Diddy might hire his boats when he's out there, but this one is all mine. In fact Diddy's management company actually called me up asking if they could use it!"

The Observer also said his new girlfriend is 'so gorgeous you don't know where to look', suggesting Mauro's mended the broken heart which first prompted him to buy a speedboat in the first place.

"My ex-wife didn't like boats so when we separated, I decided to get one," he told Mixmag last year, "But this isn't a boat, it's a sports car. The propellers are on top of the water so the entire thing lifts off the surface." (Jonty Skrufff)

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