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international news_24th September, 2004

samurai.fm New Music Update

Another week of quality shows from Japan's number 1 electronic music radio station, www.samurai.fm this week seeing the start of three more regular shows on the station as well as the return of the mighty Slam from Soma Records.

First up is the start of a show from the Hope Music Group that includes Hope Recordings, Four:twenty Recordings and Hope Management. With a roster of artists that include Timo Maas, Way Out West, Adam Freeland, General Midi, Nick Warren and Jody you can be sure they'll be giving samurai some quality shows in the coming months. First this week is a show from Ibiza's DC10 Resident and Four:twenty artist Locodice.

Slam, Soma Records head honchos and tech house masterminds have just come out of hibernation after a summer locked away writing their new album 'Year Zero', but now they're back on samurai.fm with a ripping mix that showcases some of the tracks off their new album.

Tokyo local DJ Grinch and Escape Records joins samurai.fm this week for the start of a new show ccombining hip-hop, down tempo, broken beat, house, jazz, Brazilian/Latin and dub. With a long history in the music industry, a firm favourite in Tokyo's clubs and a lifetime with beats and breaks Grinch will be bringing his unique approach to mixing to the samurai netwaves.

The final new show for this week is from local Tokyo label Horizon Records who are starting a regular show on samurai.fm. Home to some of Japan's favourite DJ's such as Yoda and Sugiurumn they will be showcasing the best of local talent to samurai.fm's global audience.

And don't forget you can check out all the old mixes online in the show archive section.

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