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international news_19th September, 2004

Original Renaissance Compilation CD Re-released

The club compilation that spawned a thousand copies, 1994's original Reniassance Compilation mixed by Sasha and Digweed was the pre club album of the early 90's. The start to thousands of nights out, the tracks on the album by artists such as Leftfield, Fluke, Sunscreem, Age of Love, Bedrock and EMF rang out across the U.K.

It was the first club album in the UK to go gold selling over 100,000 copies and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release Renaissace have enlisted the help of its creators to remaster it for Re-release this November.

Geoff Oakes from Renaissance has this to say about the album launch. 'creleasing this album again has been the holy grail for us. 10 years since the original release became the ultimate justification for doing it, and working on the project has brought back some fantastic memories. the remastering has really brought out the best in an incredible album that still deserves it's plaudits as the best compilation ever. It's a 'must-own' album that we are all still very proud of!'

For more information check out Renaissance website

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