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Pete Tong

international news_10th September, 2004

Pete Tong's Revamped Website

Mr 'Avin it Large, Pete Tong has got himself and brand spanking new website for his global fan base to peruse detailing the big man's recent and future exploits.

Praising the internet and its affect on dance music, one of the most important figures in dance music had this to say about his reasons for going online. 'The world wide web has played a major role in the development of the club scene and the music that we enjoy, I'd go as far to say it has been essential to its evolution and survival in recent years'

Fans can check his diary, see his schedule, find out tracklistings from his Essential Selection shows on BBC Radio 1, listen to his recent productions and there's even a Ask Pete section where he promises to answer questions posed.

Not as flashy as some other DJ's sites like Sasha it still does a good job of presenting the information Pete's fans are hungry for, check it out

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