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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 26th October, 2005

UK Clubs Face Five-Decibel Noise Cut

British health and safety authorities are introduce tighter regulations against noise levels in nightclubs and bars which will make hearing protection compulsory for workers if levels exceed 85 decibels, some 5 decibels lower than the previous rate of 90 decibels.

The new rules will come in force in the New Year and employers will be expected to offer hearing protection to all employers when levels pass 80 decibels, said Royal National Institute for the Deaf spokesperson Mark Hoda.

"Because noise damage is cumulative and the effects not immediate, employers often fail to enforce hearing protection for their staff," he said. "A simple measure of wearing quality ear plugs would protect these workers from long-term irreparable damage."

"We need to help employers and workers in the music industry understand the risks of noise exposure," Lawrence Waterman, President of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health added.

"Music can bring so much joy and colour into people's lives, how sad then that those working in the industry can lose their own hearing, simply endeavouring to bring this pleasure to others."

(Jonty Skrufff)