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Rui Da Silva

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 25th October, 2005

Rui Da Silva's Meaning Of Life

Portuguese tribal house star turned minim bleep house don Rui Da Silva caught up with Skrufff again this week and confirmed that he's completely abandoned his erstwhile musical style both in his productions and the genres he plays as a DJ.

"I don't have any old style house records in my record box, I don't take any back-ups to please the crowd at all," said Rui, "Usually people that book me have heard what I'm playing at the moment and space is limited in my box; there is so much good music that I love that I have to be strict about what goes in.

I'm not a big fan of having 80 gigabytes of records to choose from in the booth; that is more than 10.000 songs. How many are you going to play tonight?" he continued.

"I take 60 records and a couple of CDs and that is enough music to play for quite a few hours."

Rui played at Ibiza's acclaimed DC10 twice this summer and is now kicking off a busy schedule of new releases including his (fantastic) new single Dance.come.fezz.exe and equally innovative follow up Lixuneanos and told Skrufff he's optimistic about his new direction.

"If you have seen 'What the Bleep Do We Know' you already know that we make our own future, so I've been busy making mine," he declared.

The esoterically minded artist also partially opened up when asked about his meaning of life.

"The meaning of life is for sure not to be manipulated by the media, it's much better to be manipulated by the music," he suggested. "Let's turn the TV off."

And the path to true happiness?

"I believe true happiness exits in routine . . . only to be exposed when that routine is broken. And by then its too late; true happiness is gone."

Dance.come.fezz.exe is out now on 64 Records.(Jonty Skrufff)