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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 25th October, 2005

Miami Winter's Conference Dates Announced

Organisers for dance music's biggest annual business convention the Miami Winter Music Conference revealed that next year's event will be taking place from March 24-28 at the Wyndham Resort Miami Beach.

The hugely successful faces increasingly stiff competition from start up events including next weekend's Amsterdam Dance Music Festival, as well as issues connected to its size, which last year saw a number of British delegates being attacked by bouncers panicked by the huge numbers trying to access already full clubs.

"I had a VIP pass, and I was queuing waiting to get in as they were doing a one in, one out, then the next thing I know I'm being thrown down the stairs backwards," one (extremely mild mannered) executive told Skrufff on his return in March.

"When I landed in a heap at the bottom, after my glasses had smashed and my watch come off, I was given a kicking, then thrown out of the door. They were kicking me in the body and in my head, I have grazes down one side and big bruises along my leg and in my chest."

Azuli boss and conference regular Dave Piccioni had no such problems though told Skrufff that he came back 'with a slightly negative view', also on his return,

"It's just about big clubs and big promoters and it seems like it's just another ruthless way to make money now whereas it used to be genuine fun," he complained.

"The people that used to go there seemed to be happy to be there and the clubs were very quiet and they'd be glad to have you coming in. DJs would play for free and it seemed a lot more genuine whereas today everyone's out to rinse (exploit- slang ed) you." (Jonty Skrufff)

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