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Fatboy Slim

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 21th October, 2005

Superstar DJs' Second Class Comedy Status

Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook and Paul Oakenfold were branded B List celebrities this week in a Heat magazine feature examining the restaurant choices of Brit VIPs.

The superstar spinners were spotted 'gossiping in the White Bar at the Radisson hotel, Liverpool', prompting Heat to dump them in the second class celebrity category, alongside mediocre TV comedians including Graham Norton, Frank Skinner and David Walliams.

Absent from the rankings was Radio 1 spinner Pete Tong, who coincidentally told Skrufff last week that he's 'kind of over celebrity'.

"It just seems that with the last four or five years of Big Brother and reality TV and reality magazines and a camera up everybody's nose, we've ended up in a world of D list celebrities filling our TV shows and our magazines," said Pete.

C listers who came below Oakey and Cook included Duncan from Blue and tabloid 'personality' Jodie Marsh, though the pair were eclipsed by A list celebrities including Hollywood cracked actor Mickey Rourke and super-rich socialite Jemima Khan. (Jonty Skrufff)