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Rennie Pilgrem

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 21th October, 2005

Rennie Pilgrem Stings Sting

Breakbeat legend Rennie Pilgrem chatted to Skrufff this week as his acclaimed label TCR prepared to mark its hundredth release and shed further light on recent that he once stood on Sting's foot and refused to apologise.

"My wife was managing his guitarist and we were at a party and I think I was trying to extinguish either a cigarette or a spliff above a mantelpiece, when it happened," Rennie recalled.

"It was one of those situations where for some reason Sting was lying on the floor with his legs sort of up in the air but I didn't see him and I was just aware that while I was leaning over to get rid of my cigarette I treading on something. I looked down and basically I was standing his foot."

"For some reason I just kept it there, I don't know why," he laughed, "I guess I felt a bit embarrassed to say 'Oh my God -you're Sting'. I also thought it kind of served him right, because I thought 'Why are you lying on the floor at a party where everyone else is standing up?"

The highly popular producer also displayed a vicious streak in praising fellow breaks star Blim's tea-making abilities, admitting he takes advantage of his good nature at every available opportunity.

"He always makes the tea, I think it's because he cracks first," said Rennie.

"If he's round and we're doing a tune then he's got a lower threshold for waiting for it to happen. It's quite nice having him as tea boy in the studio."

Rennie also confessed to taking advantage of Uberzone's passion for tidying up the studio, declaring 'he is the Howard Hughes of breakbeat.'

"He's very, very keen about cleanliness and tidiness etc, so he's very much into doing that," he explained. (Jonty Skrufff)