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John Digweed

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 14th October, 2005

Digweed Disses 'Poncey' VIPs

John Digweed has confirmed he'll be hosting Bedrock's sixth birthday on October 13 at Fabric this year, taking a break from Heaven where the club first made its name.

"We haven't left Heaven as such, we just haven't done a Bedrock there this year, mainly because trying to fill Heaven on a Thursday night was becoming hard work," John told Skrufff.

"I just think it's a sign of the times; to gather 1,800 people in on a Thursday is really tough these days and to give it a fresh slant, I thought about doing it at Fabric. I haven't got any more dates in London this year, so it's a real opportunity to go there and do something and the response so far has been great," he said.

The hugely popular jock stressed his Thursday night Fabric event will be an unpretentious affair with no concessions or roped off areas for 'VIPs'.

"If you have a crowd full of poncey people who just want to be in the VIP room, then you are not going to have a great night, but if you've got a bunch of people who want to come and dance, and are into the music, then you are," he continued.

"It's the same anywhere in the world; when you go somewhere where there is a VIP crowd, you'll find they couldn't give a toss who is playing, to be honest."

"I think it's always important to look after your regulars," he concluded.

"There are these people from Greece for example, who come to loads of my shows and last year one of them came to about thirty parties that I did around the world.

They'll get the train from Greece to Romania, and it's a thirty six hours ride, then get the train back, then I'll see them the following week in Spain, then they'll be in Israel, then in all these other far flung places. The traveling they do is insane, so I make sure they get really looked after, because when you've got people that spend three days going to a gig and back just to hear you play, it's pretty incredible."(Jonty Skrufff)

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