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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 14th October, 2005

Argentina's Dance Conference Returns (October 14/15)

Organisers of Argentina's second annual South American Music Conference (SAMC) have confirmed that this year's 25,000 capacity rave will be limited to house, techno, trance and prog, explaining 'those are the strongest genres in Argentina'.

"People love Ti?sto, Richie Hawtin and Ferry Corsten," SAMC chief Gustavo told Skrufff. "We're focusing on the music that people want to hear, based on last year's experience."

This year's conference is also two months earlier to take account of cheaper flights though remains similar in format to last year's inaugural event.

"At the moment the SAMC is only a two day event with the conference and panels on the Friday and the big party on the Saturday. Maybe this will develop in the future as the event grows," he said.

"We're aiming to bring music industry people from all over South America together to do business, exchange views and ideas on the scene and have a great party. We hope that as the event gets bigger we can help draw more attention to the vibrant club scene and music talent that South America has to offer."

We're also keen to attract delegates from elsewhere, including Europe," he added.

"Flights range from 500STG-700STG depending on how far in advance they are booked. However, the exchange rate is always in your favour as it's one US dollar to three pesos for us and the average monthly salary for a regular job here is US$ 400. For European people it's very cheap when you get here."(Jonty Skrufff)

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