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Judge Jules

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 14th October, 2005

Angry Neighbours Judge Jules' Noise

Judge Jules was criticised in a British court this week after neighbours of a Buxton hotel told licensing officials his 'noisy' set at the venue had ruined the tranquillity of the usually sophorific Peak District town.

Local resident Tom Phillipson told the Buxton Advertiser he'd been kept awake all night by Jules and the Chuff Chuff party, prompting an abject apology from Buxton Palace Hotel manager Kazeem Durosom, who said they'd no longer be staging any similar all night parties in the future.

"I think it was a mistake, " said Mr Durosomo, "It was a one-off event and we never expected the amount of noise from that."

Judge Jules, however, was nonplussed, telling Skrufff 'It was a really cool Chuff Chuff style do where clubbers get both a party with DJs and a hotel room as part of the package. It seemed like a very average night from a decibels perspective. I've played the same hotel twice."

"People in small towns have nothing better to do than complain," Jules added, "It was probably the highlight of the complainant's year."

Despite his seemingly unrepentant stance towards Buxton's citizenry, Jules admitted he takes an entirely different approach to noise polluters in Ibiza where he's been disturbed on numerous occasions at both his previous and new villa in the Balearic Hills.

"Neighbouring villas get rented out to large groups who often have all night parties," he explained, "Though thankfully the local chief of police and I are on first name terms."

Jules also admitted he's discussed noise issues with his neighbours in Highgate village, though said they've achieved a happy equilibrium since he moved there two years ago.

"When I moved into my current UK house and went round to introduce myself to our next door neighbours, I could visibly see the look of horror on their faces when I told them I was a DJ," he laughed, "In reality I'm a very quiet neighbour," he insisted.(Jonty Skrufff)