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Armin Van Buuren

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 3th October, 2005

Superstar DJs Need Personality Before Beatmixing

Dutch trance don Armin Van Buuren launched an outspoken attack against technically incompetent big name DJs this week, suggesting many of them are 'crap'.

"I've seen huge DJs who can't even beat mix. They throw any old shit on and are the heroes of the night," Armin complained, "DJing isn't about music anymore but your personality, entourage and following." (Mixmag)

Radio 1 star Pete Tong agreed, though took a more rounded view of the necessary requirements for top level success.

"I've always said that the technical ability to mix is obviously important, it's a given for a DJ, but lack of technical excellence hasn't stopped people who are not as good as Sasha from being very successful DJs," Pete told Skrufff.

"They might have had the charisma or be the king of the party or the best club runner or just might have had the best taste. There are loads of other factors involved in what makes a great DJ; I think it's people's attitude and passion towards the job that counts the most."

"Everyone is always going to have a pop at anyone who is top of the tree, they're going to be looking for faults, but most people don't get to the top unless they're good at something," he continued.

"You can get a bit up your own backside focusing too much on somebody's faults rather than focusing on what makes them popular in the first place," said Pete.

Pete Tong's new Essential Selection mix CD is out now. (Jonty Skrufff)