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international news _ 22nd November, 2006

Jorge Jaramillo Stones Anti-Gay Religious Zealots

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Subliminal Records star/ End times expert Jorge Jaramillo chatted to Skrufff this week about the recent joint anti-gay Pride protests by fundamental Muslims, Jews and the Vatican and condemned the religious leaders as ‘hypocrites’ who are ‘promoting homosexuality by giving it such great significance’.

“Lots of the catholic priests are paedophile homosexuals, protected by the Vatican and lavished in gold while many go hungry,” Jorge claimed, “I can’t speak for the Jews or Muslims as I am not as familiar with their religions, but I can tell you this…they are not without sin.”

“It’s amusing to see them unite peacefully to stop something so insignificant, yet when it comes to protecting their children and people from war between each other they are content with crossing their arms and idly sitting by,” he added.

“Sinners judging sinners, stop molesting our children, stop promoting false prophets and messiahs and get on with it. I am a sinner and I’m not perfect, which brings to mind this passage from the bible as said by Jesus Christ, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’,” Jorge declared.

“I want to make an important note, when I refer to Jews, Catholics, and Muslims in this interview; I am referring to the political and religious leaders of these religions…NOT to the religion or people as a whole,” the American house producer stressed.

“It’s similar to when I travel oversees and get bad looks or treated weird because George Bush has made his stupid decisions. I am aware that this is a handful of idiots ruining the names of good people. However, these leaders have a slick way of poisoning their people’s minds which is how wars are started. We await our messiah, He, Jesus Christ will fix this. God Bless you Jonty. And God Bless you all.”

Tel Aviv gay scene DJ Ellyot attended last week’s hastily re-arranged Pride demonstration in a closed stadium in Jerusalem and told Skrufff it was ‘a very sad event.’

“2500 gays, lesbians trans and straights were ushered into a big empty athletics stadium. There were far more women than men- most of the Tel Aviv gays just stayed at home,” Ellyot reported, “Hundreds of policeman and women were all around us. The streets were blocked for miles and everyone had to walk for ages to get there. Police helicopters flew above. We shuffled about, sad and angry.”

“We were sold down the river, of our dignified and daring march, all that was left was an un happening happening in an empty stadium far from any other humans, in what the police called 'a sterile zone', I couldn't agree more” she said.

“Back in Tel Aviv, we watched the TV in horror as the media called the day 'a victory for tolerance',” she added.

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