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Best Of Benny Benassi

international news _ 16th November, 2006

Benny Benassi Brings His Best

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Milanese musician Benny Benassi, who shares a penchant for the female form with British comedian and namesake Benny Hill, is set to release a best of CD in time for Santa’s fast approaching present run.

The fourteen track disc collects Benassi’s hit singles including his mainstay release ‘Satisfaction’. Also included as one of the multiple award winning artist’s best is his latest single ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’, which amazingly features Bennasi’s raunchiest video clip too date that should really come with a surgeon general’s warning concerning heart conditions.

After breaking through to the mainstream with ‘Satisfaction’ in 2003 Benassi has been surprisingly low key with releases, although he has been known to lend others his remix abilities doing numerous collaborations with Goldfrapp including an appearance on their recent remix CD “We Are Glitter”.

“Best Of Benny Benassi” will be released on ZYX on December 1.

01. Satisfaction (Original Album Version)
02. Love Is Gonna Save Us
03. Who’s Your Daddy? (Radio Edit)
04. Time
05. Able To Love (Sfaction Mix)
06. Get Loose
07. Inside Of Me
08. No Matter What You Do
09. Change Style
10. I Wanna Touch Your Soul
11. Put Your Hands Up
12. Megamix (Version 1)
13. Who’s Your Daddy? (Fuzzy Hair Remix)
14. Satisfaction (Isak Original)

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