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Nick Bridges

international news _ 14th November, 2006

Bodyrox Star’s Fabulous Make-Up Mistake

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

UK house star Nick Bridges from Bodyrox celebrated their new single 'Yeah Yeah' reaching number 2 on Britain’s pop charts this week and revealed missing out on the top spot reflected a lifetime of few victories so far.

“I think I won a sandcastle competition once,” Nick told Skrufff, “I had just turned 25, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way.”

“But we are both obviously delighted about the chart position - it's a great week for house music,” he said (referring to his Bodyrox production partner Jon Pearne.)

“Of course we'd love a number one, but getting an essentially underground house track into the top 40 is an achievement so we are very happy with a no.2.”

Nick Also revealed his newfound fame has brought him lots of text messages from unknown numbers though little in terms of armies of adoring female fans.

“Unfortunately not - in fact since I’ve had my new PR photos done, I seem to be getting more male attention than female. I knew eye make-up was a bad idea at the time,” he admitted.

The Ministry Of Sound/ DTPM hearth-throb also denied wearing make-up because he’s turned metrosexual (‘I wear it because it makes me look fabulous’) and also insisted his pencil thin goatee beard was in no way a tribute to George Michael.

“I think you'll find, if you look closely, it's more of a 'Mercury' than a 'Michael',” said Nick (referring to Queen singer Freddie Mercury), “Sh*t, I'm digging myself a hole now.”

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