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DFA Star’s TV Favourites

international news _ 8th November, 2006

DFA Star’s TV Favourites

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Former schoolteacher turned ubercool punk-funk pioneer Juan MacLean from New York’s acclaimed punk-funk label DFA Records chatted about his notoriously hard-living past in interviews this week, which included years of injecting cocaine and heroin.

“I’ve not had much luck living a normal life,” he told Australian magazine 3D World, “(because of) Drug problems, trouble with the law, trouble with girls and fighting,” he confessed.

Chatting to London magazine One Week To Live, he admitted ‘beating down an unfortunate soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time’ which presumably referred to a drunken fan who unwisely interrupted his performance at a show in Atlanta several weeks ago.

"What really happened is this: I was in the middle of mixing two records, and this drunken yahoo walks up to the stage, picks up a microphone stand, and starts beating the table that the decks were on with it, which of course sends the mix into total trainwreck. I yelled at him and he laughed at me,” Juan wrote on the DFA bulletin board after the incident, “I walked up to him and short story is I, as was said, 'beat him down’ (Both Juan and the fan later apologized to each other).

The nowadays clean producer also chatted about curious shenanigans he’d noted when on tour with DFA stablemates LCD Soundsystem recently to One Week To Live, which he said where his strongest memories from his new life as an A List producer.

“Loads of stories with the band, mostly involving girls or someone taking too many of the wrong drug,” he recalled, “Or someone taking a dude but pretending it was a girl and the various excuses that went along with it.”

His comments reflected the experiences of celebrity DJ Boy George in the States, who told Skrufff several years ago that most of his sexual encounters there were with ‘confused straight blokes or highly closeted characters’.

“It remains a mystery to me why I attract these straights, if you are trying to hide what you are surely I’m the last mirror you should look in?” George quipped,

“I think the whole make-up thing alleviates some of that fear because you appear feminine so they can delude themselves that being with you is not quite as queer as it really is,” he mused.

London TV scenester/ DJ Caitlin, aka Miss Cunty also told Skrufff recently she also usually attracts straigh men though said the UK tranny scene is nevertheless ‘shady and lonely’ compared to New York or Madrid.

“In the gay scene you're a token freak and in the straight world we are tolerated at best,”Caitlin complained, “The trans community is one based on fear of being outed and monotonous sex behind closed doors with curious hetero men," she explained.

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