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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 30th November, 2005

Smokin Jo's Nasty Dirty Sex Lesson : Never Mix Business With Pleasure

Funky house electro diva Smokin Jo has confirmed that her upcoming New Year's Eve bash at Ministry Of Sound will definitely be the last NastyDirtySexMusic party, despite it being one of 2005's most successful events.

Tim and I have brought it to an end, and after New Year's Eve NastyDirtySexMusic will no longer exist," said Jo.

"Tim and I split up and as anyone knows it is hard to split up and to carry on working together afterwards it's even harder; we both decided we needed to move on in our lives so we had to finish NastyDirtySexMusic. It's a massive shame as we both loved doing it and had such great responses from our crowd, but at least we will end it on a high, going out with a bang," she said.

The former Trade and Manumission DJ also stressed that her replacement night at Ministry, Nude, will be nothing like NastyDirtySexMusic whatsoever, declaring 'Nude is a completely different project.'

"The reason the club is over is as both Tim and I realise that it took both of us to make it work, if one of us was to go it alone it wouldn't be NastyDirtySexMusic, Tim cannot be replaced and I would never dream of it."

"Apart from not to mix business with pleasure I learnt a lot from Tim, he is such a great visionary," she added.

"I took a few steps back, in a way, to do NastyDirtySexMusic, playing smaller rooms for smaller fees and it was great, it brought me back to where I began and reminded me of why I started DJing in the first place."

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

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