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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 30th November, 2005

Madonna DJ Still Despises DJs

Jacques Lu Cont kept up his relentless crusade against big name DJs this week, with a ferocious onslaught in Mixmag against his champagne quaffing rivals and peers.

"The glamour side of DJing has no relevance to me. When DJs are more about who they're hanging out with, who they're shagging and what champagne they're drinking, to me that's the beast of dance music, "Jacques (real name Stuart Price) declared.

"I hate driving round Ibiza seeing DJs posing on billboards. It makes me cringe because it means it's become more about them and less about the people."

The credibility obsessed people's choice made his comments in a feature discussing producing the new album of his close friend Madonna and matched those he made several years ago in an interview promoting his Fabric DJ mix compilation.

"I don't think DJing is that cool, I don't like the image of the silver boxes and the hooded jacket and crappy sunglasses," he sneered, "I don't like the supposed glamour in DJing and I even hate the name! I'm a DJ? Don't think so."

Meanwhile in the Observer, Madonna compared her relationship with Stuart to meeting a new boyfriend and admitted her husband Guy Richie was less than impressed by the fruits of their relationship (ie new album Confessions On a Dance Floor).

"He stormed out of the room when I played him some of these tracks," Madonna confessed, "He thought it was shit."

The album has since gone to number one in twenty five countries and already sold over 3.5 million units, Music Week reported.

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)