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Steve Lawler

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 30th November, 2005

Steve Lawler's Fabulous Fashion Follow Up

Superstar DJ Steve Lawler contacted Skrufff this week to explain the concept behind his upcoming fashion range Viva and stressed that the collection will be about wearability rather than over-the-top flamboyant club wear.

"I am sorry to say they'll be no drag or high heels," Steve confirmed, "though how cool would it be to make Viva wigs- and rubber skirts?"

The Space jock cheerfully admitted his role in the new collection with be strictly hands-off, confessing 'I haven't a clue about designing clothes'.

"A certain designer approached me after the summer season ended and told me they really liked the Viva merchandise, and we're in talks with this designer about them possibly taking it over," said Steve, "which is quite exciting because this designer actually makes really cool clothes," he chuckled.

Steve said his favourite designers are bespoke jeans company PRPS and T shirt artist Rogun though admitted his own tastes in clothes are generally conservative.

"I'm one of these people that if I find a pair of jeans that I like or a T shirt I'll buy two pairs because I tend to wear my favourite things all the time. I have been wearing the same style Adidas trainers for years and years now, but I just have them all in different colours; I'm not that adventuress, at least not outside the bedroom."

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

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